Sunday, July 5, 2009

0 Kayaks and fireworks!

Fourth of July was so much fun!

I went kayaking with some college and work friends on the Potomac, which felt reminiscent of crew, only way more fun and free of douchey jerks. We kayaked under the Key Bridge in DC, and went to some island that had the Teddy memorial. I discovered that this is one of the enjoyable differences between real life and college life. In college, I couldn't afford to spend 5 hours on a weekend kayaking (both in terms of money and time), but after college, weekends are kinda a time to find hobbies, experience new things. A couple of my friends and I have already started planning out what may be a trip to Great Falls or the Blue Ridge to go hiking. Oh the glories of no Stacks, Small, Olsson, Thorton, or any small cave I may have hidden myself in previously during school.

After going kayaking, my work friends and I went into DC to see the fireworks. They were amazing as usual, however I feel they were shorter this year in comparison to others, and kinda left me wanting more. Stupid economy.

Oh, and screw you Federer. Screw you. Maybe next time Roddick.

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