Friday, August 21, 2009

0 Nom!

This week I'm sharing with you guys one of my marinades. This one is my homemade Teriyaki marinade. You'll need:

Soy sauce
Brown sugar
hoison sauce
sesame oil

So there's no real measurement to this, I always mix it to taste. If you want a more salty taste, go heavier on the soy sauce. Sweeter? Heavy on the brown sugar. Spicy? Go super heavy on the hoison sauce.

  1. Put soy sauce in a bowl. Measure between .5c and 1c depending on what you are marinading.
  2. Dump in about .25c of brown sugar.
  3. Mince 2-3 cloves of garlic, and dump in the bowl.
  4. Add a spoonful of hoison sauce, a splash of sesame oil (don't pour for any more that 1 second), and a sprinkle of pepper and ginger.
  5. Mix it all up
One of my favorite applications of this marinade is pepper steak. For this you'll need a steak that you would marinade (I typically choose thin sirloin). You'll wanna start out by slicing the sirloin against the grain into thin slices. (Against the grain means perpendicular to the lines that run through the meat.) You'll then want to marinade this for 2-3 hours, it shouldn't take long with the thinly sliced meat. Once they are done vacationing in the marinade, turn a skillet onto medium heat, and put the meat into the pan. Cooking the meat shouldn't take too long. You'll want to keep the meat moving periodically so all the pieces cook evenly, and it should only take between 6-10 minutes. As you are cooking the meat, you'll wanna prepare some rice whichever way you feel is easiest. If you wish throw some slices of green pepper into the meat once its halfway through cooking.

Now you have an awesome new marinade and one application to use this with. However, the marinade works well with chicken, or any other meat or vegetable dish. Try it and happy noms!

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