Thursday, October 7, 2010

0 Quick Guide of Perfectly Cooked Hard Boiled Eggs

In my Guide to Beef Cuts, I asked readers to ask for more topics about food they would like to know. Well, one of my friends Mary asked me about how to know when a hard-boiled egg is done. Through personal experience and googling the Internet, I've come up with some quick and easy pointers to perfectly cook hard boiled eggs. Tips below:

  • Fill the pot with cold water, about an inch above the tops of the eggs.
  • Boil the eggs for about a minute, and then cover and remove from heat.
  • Let the eggs cook for 8-12 minutes. 8 minutes for soft, cooked yolks, and 12 minutes for more well done yolks.
  • When cooking multiple eggs in one pan (6 or more) expect to add about 2-3 minutes to cooking time
Let me know if there are any other cooking tips you would like to hear!

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