Monday, March 21, 2011

1 Backyard Garden: Part 1

Over the past year, my roommates and I have grown to appreciate organic and local food and markets. A month or two ago we were at our favorite market and saw a display for organic seeds. The display, along with the rather dead backyard, motivated us to buy a few varieties of seed. With the weather becoming warmer over the past week or two, we decided to begin growing them for the spring and summer.

So I wanted to chronicle our stumbles and fumbles through this adventure to help anyone else who's contemplating the same thing. Hopefully by the end of this we'll have something edible...

We purchased some small tabletop greenhouses to grow the seedlings inside under a controlled environment. For the first batch we decided to grow some flowers and tomatoes. The tomato seeds require 70 degree heat to grow properly, so we placed a heat pack underneath the greenhouse to incubate the seeds. After a few days, when the tomatoes sprouted, we removed them from the greenhouse and placed them by the window for sun.

Until they grow larger, the only attention needed is some water when the soil becomes dry, so I will post again once our tomatoes begin to grow larger. Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. these baby pictures are so cute! when are the awkward teen pics going up?