Wednesday, May 18, 2011

0 1 in 133 at DC

Between Blogger being down for half a week and a rather busy month of work, I'm finally able to write about an amazing event from two weeks ago, the 1 in 133 event to raise attention with the media and the FDA about gluten allergy food labeling.

The center attraction to this event was a gigantic gluten free, dairy free cake. Jules (from Jules Gluten Free) with the collaboration of many wonderful sponsors and Whole Foods spent the morning and afternoon stacking and decorating this beautiful cake that towered over 11 feet.

This event is one of the reasons I love that I have the opportunity to live so close to DC. While there I had the chance to socialize with members of Maryland and DC celiac groups, and with the people that engineered the cake tower.

It was an amazing event in DC that was able to gather the attention of the FDA, which is such an exciting success. However, just because 1 in 133 gained the FDA's attention, the journey to achieving Gluten Free labeling is not complete. If you have friends, family, or are a celiac, please visit the 1in133 website to learn how you can help.

Also, a huge thanks again to Jules and company for organizing the event! Visit Jules's blog here to learn more about the event, and to see more pictures of the cake!

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