Tuesday, June 26, 2012

0 Pamela's Pancake Mix Review

Recently I went to a Gluten Free Expo in Washington, D.C. A representative from Pamela's was there, and I remembered Olinda Paul recommending Pamela's products to me in a recent Google+ hangout we had. I picked up a sample of the pancake mix to try it out.
There is a wide blend of starches in the mix, various rice flours, almond meal, and potato starch. The only added ingredients needed were egg, water, and oil, makes for a really easy set of instructions. When baking, the batter holds well, and bakes into a great texture. The pancakes had a great, golden crust, and inside is a tender, warm cake.

I totally recommend Pamela's. I plan on using more, and recommend that you try it too as well.

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