Tuesday, September 18, 2012

0 Gluten Free Review: chebe Pizza Crust Mix

Last week I tried chebe gluten free Pizza Crust Mix, available on glutenfreely.com. I'm always curious to try new gluten free mixes, but wary of the eventual taste and texture of the product. For anyone who's made gluten free baked goods, you know how hard it is to achieve a tasty flavor with a light texture.

Pizza is one of those recipes that I've had historical difficulty with. More often than not, I end up with a dense, heavy crust that doesn't have the lightness you hope for in a pizza crust. I found chebe to be a simple and easy crust to make, and was super happy with the texture. I found that the texture ended up having that puffiness you hope for around the edges, and really reminded me of conventional pizza. I definitely recommend trying it, it's super easy to make and is really tasty!

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