Sunday, December 16, 2012

1 Traveling Coast to Coast Gluten Free

Hey everyone, for the next few days I'm on travel for work. I live and work in Virginia and am traveling to San Diego for a few days for work. I've talked with others about how they maintain their diet while on travel,Any so I figured I would share my food experiences on this adventure I'm having this week. I hope you enjoy, and find some of it useful. Also, if you know of any awesome gluten free restaurants in San Diego, message me and let me know, I'd definitely appreciate.

Sunday, Day I:
To start off, I definitely woke up way too early for my flight. Before leaving the house, I had a standard breakfast of some yogurt and gluten free granola. And way way too much coffee...

On my first flight of the day, I had soda and peanuts, the one gluten free option on any flight I've ever been on.  In between flights, I only had a little bit of time, so I purchased a few kind brand granola bars (gluten free) and ate them on the flight west.

Once I touched down, I went to a San Diego restaurant called Alchemy, where I had brunch after already being awake for 10 hours! They had a delicious gluten free basil, bacon, and mushroom frittata,and some super tasty coffee!

After visiting the San Diego Zoo, I went to a local grocery store to stock up on gluten free breakfast items such as yogurt and gluten free granola in case the free breakfast was filled with gluten.

Monday, Day 2:
For breakfast, I headed to the hotel's restaurant for breakfast. They had a wide range of typical breakfast foods, such as bacon, eggs, oatmeal, cereal, and fruit. I steered clear of the oatmeal, cereal, and eggs. Even though oats are naturally free of gluten, most plants process them with wheat and other gluten free grains. I normally don't eat oatmeal, but if I do, I make sure its processed correctly.  I grabbed some fresh fruit, bacon, and milk and consumed that with the groceries I bought the night before.

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  1. I don't know about San Diego, but we traveled in California and I found that restaurants, for the most part, were way more aware of gluten free dining than Pa. where I live. We had no trouble finding safe and great meals. We also went to Washington and Oregon and found the same awareness there.