Tuesday, January 22, 2013

0 GF Community Passionate for Pinterest

For those of you not familiar with Pinterest, check out http://pinterest.com.

Let me give you a brief tutorial on the fastest growing social media platform.  I must start off confessing that I am somewhat of a "newbie" when it comes to Pinterest.  I do however, have a keen interest in Pinterest and recently changed my personal Pinterest profile to a business profile for my own gluten-free business.

With my new obsession comes a variety of Pinterest reading and this is just a bit of what I have discovered.  Pinterest is a very user friendly online pinboard that allows users to create collections of images from across the web.   These images are "pinned" onto "boards" based on categories such as fashion, holidays, arts & crafts, recipes and more.  Each "pin" is a link or picture that you want to remember or share with your friends. The cool thing is Pinterest allows you to easily browse others' boards to "pin" the images or ideas that you like.

Pinterest's "search" feature allows you to search for just about anything your heart desires--such as recipes. Yes, recipes! All kinds of creative recipes paired with images of the culinary artwork! This is like having dozens of your favorite cooking magazines in one easy to use social media platform. Once you are on the home page for Pinterest find the "search" box and type in gluten-free.  Dozens of gorgeous GF images will fill your screen.  This is a GF lover’s dream!  If you are new to a GF diet life could not get any better.  Now I have been in the GF world for over 10 years and the passion that I have experienced from the GF community is second to none.  Once there is a great GF product or recipe the word spreads like wildfire.  Pinterest now makes this a virtual explosion of amazing GF content.  Scroll up and down on your screen & you will find not just recipes but, a "gluten-free safe list", "Gluten-free conversion chart", GF cookbooks, a comparison chart for the cost of GF!.  Once you find an image that is calling your name just tap on the image to either "re-pin", "like" or "comment on".  If you would like the recipe then just tap on the screen 2-3 times until you are transported to the original source of the image.  It is that easy!

Check out my Pinterest page at http://pinterest.com/juliereinstein/   I am constantly trying to add and curate my boards which makes Pinterest so much fun. Let me know what you think.-follow me & I will follow you back!

 Jessica @ Gluten-Free Goodness has a fabulous Pinterest page: http://pinterest.com/jessicalenae/gluten-free-goodness/
 Jessica does an amazing job of "pinning" an eclectic mix of recipes.

So, please if you have tried a great GF pasta recipe or bread or anything GF spread the word via Pinterest.  We would love to hear your comments!

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