Wednesday, July 17, 2013

0 Gluten Free Food Tip - Food Labels

Here's my food tip of the week! This week's is gluten free themed, and features a few different types of gluten free labels. I use the phrase ppm in the video, which stands for parts per million. The key to this word is the higher the number, the greater chance of gluten. Here's general guidelines:

In 2007 the FDA proposed guidelines that anything labeled as gluten free has at most 20 parts per million (or contains 0.002% gluten). Stress the words proposed though, no FDA rules have been finalized yet, but things are looking up.There is no legal definition to what gluten-free can be labeled as, so as always be careful when you see something labeled as gluten free.

If you see a CSA or other Celiac approved label, coupled with gluten free labeling, you can feel confident in the food having at post 10 ppm. This includes any Certified Gluten Free foods. If it's Certified Gluten Free, then the GFCO has been involved in the testing of the amount of gluten in the product.
Hope you find this helpful, sadly the FDA hasn't legalized any Gluten Free rules yet, but there's still hope because progress is being made!

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