Sunday, August 11, 2013

0 #MakeThatGlutenFree Challenge

Hey everyone! I'd like to announce a new experiment based on challenges I've taken on from friends over the past few years. I entered a challenge with my roommate recently to make gluten free cheese crackers like the kind you can buy pre-made from the store, and that resulted in this post.

I'd like to extend that out to the community, by asking you guys to challenge me to #MakeThatGlutenFree. I'll pick one to do each month, and I'll share it on the blog. I'll also gift something each month to the person who suggests what recipe I experiment with. This month I'll gift a 5lb bag of Jules Gluten Free Flour.

All you gotta do is share your recipe recommendation with the #MakeThatGlutenFree on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. I'll pick one for the month of August and announce the recipe I'm adapting this Friday!

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