Friday, November 6, 2009

0 Sesame garlic base

Funny thing about this noms post is that I'm doing it while riding the metro, headed to a restaurant named Fogo De Choa, which is this amazing Brazilian steak place that serves you all the steak you can eat. Def best all you can eat restaurant I've been to.

But onto my post, sesame garlic base. Now, I call it a base because it's pretty versatile, change the ingredients a bit and you could have anything from a marinade to a salad dressing. Here's how to make the base:

3 part soy sauce
1 part sesame oil
2 diced cloves garlic per part
3 dashes of ginger
Salt and pepper
Sprinkle of sesame seeds

If you want to turn this base into a marinade, add a little bit of rice wine vinegar to the base, and if you want to turn it into a salad dressing add 1 part olive oil to the base.

Expect some more noms posts this weekend as I will be attending the food convention in dc this weekend.

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