Sunday, September 27, 2009

0 Noms!

Here's a pretty easy noms, with pictures now included! This is a simple skirt steak recipe.

You need:

1 lb skirt steak (or poultry or fish)
.5c red wine
couple tablespoons soy sauce
couple tablespoons olive oil
2 minced cloves garlic

Then, its as easy as getting a shallow pan, mixing everything but the steak together,

and letting it marinade for a couple hours, flipping the meat periodically.

Then, either on a grill or in the oven, at medium high heat, grill on each side for approximately 4-5 minutes. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

0 Stir Fry Steak and Noodles

Earlier this week I made stir fry steak, and it was really easy to make, really cheap, and lasted me 3 days. You'll need

Stir Fry sauce
1/2 lb of thin steak (when you are at the store, look for steak that is either 1/8 in thick, or on the package it will say that it is good for stir frying)
baby corn
green beans
Favorite oriental noodles

First you'll want to slice the steak into thin bite size strips. You'll also want to slice the carrots into slices (quarter the carrot), slice the mushrooms, and cut the green beans into bite size pieces. Set the veggies aside.

Next you'll want to start boiling your noodle water. You'll also want to oil a frying pan and turn it onto medium high heat. Once the water boils, start boiling the noodles, it should take ~ 6 minutes.

While the noodles boil, put the steak into the pan, and have a wooden spoon in hand to move the steak around, because it will cook pretty quickly. You'll only need to cook it for about 1-3 minutes, until there's no more red.

Put the meat aside, and then add the veggies to the pan. Once again you'll want to keep them moving so they don't burn, and let them cook for about 2 minutes before adding back the meat and 1/2 cup of the stir fry sauce. Coat the meat and veggies.

Next you'll want to take the noodles after they have been strained and add them to the pan, coating them in the sauce while at the same time slightly stir frying them.

After that you're done and ready to eat! Enjoy! I'll add pictures to compliment this later.

Monday, September 7, 2009

0 Future plans for this blogger....

So I haven't quite been so good on blogging lately, not quite sure what I would attribute it to, but I just wanted to let everyone know where I plan to go with this blog.
  • Every Thursday I plan to post a recipe that I've done in the past that I have found as a success, to follow up on my Thursday Night Noms from college.
  • I also plan to experiment with new recipes and new creations I develop at least every other weekend, if not every.
  • It wouldn't be me without a little geek, so I plan to start including reviews of recent video games, technologies or anything of the like. This I figure would be something more rare. Batman Asylum impressions on its way (Cliffnotes, PLAY IT)
  • Finally, I plan on writing something insightful, whether it be a personal experience, or my feelings on news I've read or heard about. I hope to do this once a week to maintain my writing skills.


Courtesy of Catherine and Jimmy