My name is T.R., and I'm the main author here at No One Likes Crumbley Cookies. I started this blog in the time after I graduated college as a way of updating friends with post-college life, and to share the occasional recipe.

In college, I learned how to cook and support for myself out of the distaste and frequent stomach unrest due to the university dining halls. I gained such an enjoyment out of cooking, that a subset of my group of friends and I would gather on a weekly basis to cook food with one another while enjoying one another's company. After college, the food gatherings grew less frequent, so I decided to start blogging some recipes in order to continue sharing food with friends.

After graduating, I went to a doctor to address some chronic health issues such as acne, indigestion, and exhaustion (to name a few). Through those visits, I discovered I needed to eat gluten free, and this blog morphed into a way of sharing my journey through food. Little did I know a couple years ago how it wasn’t just a diet change, but a lifestyle change. Gluten’s my enemy, and I hope through the recipes and lifestyle articles shared on this blog, that others new to being gluten insensitive or Celiac can more easily transition.

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His Twitter: @GFDougie
His Blog: glutenfreetip
My first interactions with him were through Twitter, and I've collaborated with him since then on a few things, most recently being our collaborative article on grilling Gluten Free.


Julie started Just Ask Josh (which has an online store with gluten free bakery goods) out of her love of her two children with celiac. Her products are Certified Gluten-Free and delicious! Be sure to check it out, and read more about her and her site here.

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