Friday, October 8, 2010

2 Blog Layout Update

Hi everyone,

I've made a few layout changes to the blog, 2 biggest being:

1. The addition of the Title Banner
2. The addition of Pages, most notably the Gluten Free Recipe Index. Since I now have enough gluten free recipes posted, I felt like this would be a welcome addition to searching through all recipes.

Please, post comments below on the blog changes, let me know if you like them or hate them, and if there is anything additional you feel would be a useful addition.

Update 10/9: After testing a few other looks out, I've once again changed the banner at the top of the blog. I have three main looks that I narrowed my choices down to. After the page break, I've included the three screenshots and a poll for which you guys think is best. I'd love this opinion in addition to any comments you have!


Image 1

Image 2



  1. I like the inclusion of a picture, but I think it might be a little better if it were smaller. It kind of dominates the blog right now. I love Mario though!

  2. I like #2, but the important question is what do you is your blog!!