Friday, March 11, 2011

0 Gluten Free Product Review: Bye Bye, Gluti Products

This past week I had the opportunity to try out some products from Bye Bye, Gluti, and I wanted to review them for all of you!

Bye Bye, Gluti creates gluten free varieties of breads, pastas, and desserts with high quality ingredients. Many of the products I ate were made with some combination of corn, almond, and potato starches and flours. The awesome thing about Bye Bye, Gluti's products is that all of their products have 5ppm (parts per million) of gluten, while the guideline for food to be labeled as gluten free is 20ppm. I really liked that it is a company that takes pride in trying to make their food as gluten free as possible.

The first item I tried was their gnocchi. The gnocchi is really quick and easy to make, as it does not have to be thawed before cooking, and only takes a few minutes in boiling water to cook. The gnocchi came out light and plump, which is something that surprised me about frozen pasta. I sauteed them in some butter and tossed them in tomato sauce and Parmesan and they were really tasted. I definitely recommend them. Rating: A-

I also tried the Margarita Pizza earlier this week, and this was one of the better frozen gluten free pizzas that I have tried. The dough is mainly made out of corn, but has a nice fluffy texture in the middle and a firm, crunchy crust. Out of the box the pizza has some sauce and pizza on it, so I recommend topping with additional pasta sauce, cheese, basil, and any other pizza toppings you may have. I left one slice of it to microwave the next day for leftovers, and was surprised by how well the crust held up in the microwave when reheated. Definitely recommend. Rating: A

So I may or may not have fallen in love with their focaccia. The most difficult time I've had with gluten free diet is finding a good bread. I have tried one or two brands, but have pretty much totally removed bread from my diet. the GlutenOut focaccia is everything bread should be; light and fluffy on the inside and crisp golden on the outside. I'm not sure how they make this with gluten free ingredients, but its  amazing bread. Best way to prepare this is to thaw it out and bake it in the oven for 10 minutes at 350F. Serve as part of a sandwich, or with some butter and mozzarella cheese. If you get anything from this post, I totally recommend this. It could fool anyone into thinking it was made with wheat. Rating: A+

The last thing I tried was the chocolate cake. All you have to do is thaw it out on the kitchen counter, no baking necessary. Mostly I ate this as is, without adding any frosting to it. The cake is good on its own, but also tastes wonderful with fresh strawberries or raspberries. This has a nice chocolate taste without tasting too dry. I've also had it out at room temperature for 2 days now and haven't noticed any of it turning stale. Rating: A

Overall, I fully recommend anyone on a gluten free diet to try out some of these products. Bye Bye, Gluti prides themselves on the ingredients they use and the strict adherence to the phrase "gluten free." Also, I said it earlier but their focaccia is to die for. You can purchase GlutenOut products at

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