Wednesday, April 27, 2011

0 Backyard Garden: Part 2

Continuing from my post last month, my roommates and I continued to develop our backyard garden and our appreciate for local, organic foods.

Back in late March our tomato seeds grew into seedlings. We started gestating (the phase where the seeds turn into seedlings) in mid-March under the assumption that we would be able to plant them outside in early April. However, after a trip to our local farmer's market we grew to realize that the end of the danger of frost in Virginia is really around the first week of May. Oops....

Since we started gestation in March, the tomato and squash seedlings were rapidly outgrowing their little pods by the first weekend in April. We decided to transplant them to larger troughs for the duration of April so they could continue to grow, and began gestating some bell pepper plants as well. As an experiment to see how the plants would fair outdoors, we planted our bean plants and two of our tomato seedlings in the backyard to discover what would happen. 

Thus, April was a relatively tame month for the garden, except for this past weekend when we planted everything outside! But more on that later next week...

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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