Wednesday, August 24, 2011

2 Sunday Brunch

Not going to lie, if I could see this plate of pancakes every morning, I swear that I would have died and gone to heaven. This past weekend my friend Marggie and I decided to have Sunday brunch together at my house. For brunch we made my gluten free pancakes and fried some pancetta.

 The panel pictured above I used solely for the purpose of making pancakes. It's a Food Network skillet pan that my mom bought me for Christmas. It's got a non stick surface, and I totally recommend this pan. I barely use any spray oil and the pancakes are able to slide right off the pan.

The recipe that I used for these pancakes is located here:

My greatest tip for these pancakes is to make sure the skillet is not too hot, and to flip them at the right time. To test the skillet, if a drop of water instantaneously evaporates from the pan, then the pan is too hot. You'll know that the pan is hot enough if water droplets dance around the pan before evaporating.

Meanwhile, wait to flip the pancakes when these two things happen:
1. the edges are not longer wet,
2. once the pancakes start to bubble, if you pop one of the bubbles and the pancake holds its shape.

I hope you enjoy these tips, and share some brunch-filled love with your friends and family this weekend!


  1. These pancakes were as delicious as they look, and they look pretty darn delicious in that first photograph (what an awesome picture!!!).

  2. Thanks! I love this picture, its one of my favorites.