Thursday, June 11, 2009

1 old, busted, yet fresh and new

So following in the tracks of several of my friends who have graduated, I decided to start up a blog (only after recently starting to read blogs) to have an easy way to convey what's on my mind and let friends follow up on what I've been doing (if any of them actually wish to do so lol).

So, past month...major events....thesis completed, graduated college, bought a car, moved to NOVA, and starting my job in just a few days. As of now I wanted to just get a first post out there, but thoughts and reflections on the past month and 4 years of my life are soon to follow, along with my looking ahead. Cliffnotes version, alot of it was actually summarized in the Scrubs finale, in the following clip (don't watch if you don't want the finale to be spoiled.)


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  1. I like Crumbley cookies :) Yay! I can't wait to move up to NOVA so that we can hang out! Maybe we can do NOMS? See you soon!