Friday, July 3, 2009

0 Things I want.

1. More fun summer weekends! (whether that involves more Cville trips, hiking trips with roomies and coworkers, etc...)
2. Figure out some sort of plan for the next 2 years. Nothing crazy, just something more than "work"
3. No more marriages, at least until I feel not super young! (save a few exclusions)
4. BSG 4.5 Marathon with Zak, Rachel, and anyone else who would partake.
5. More service opportunities. I know there are a huge amount here, and a huge amount of opportunity at Raytheon, I just have to be more assertive in my hunting. I guess having projects handed to me weekly just ain't gonna happen anymore....
6. Culinary Classes!
7. Rowing/Canoe/Kayak lessons!

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