Monday, September 7, 2009

0 Future plans for this blogger....

So I haven't quite been so good on blogging lately, not quite sure what I would attribute it to, but I just wanted to let everyone know where I plan to go with this blog.
  • Every Thursday I plan to post a recipe that I've done in the past that I have found as a success, to follow up on my Thursday Night Noms from college.
  • I also plan to experiment with new recipes and new creations I develop at least every other weekend, if not every.
  • It wouldn't be me without a little geek, so I plan to start including reviews of recent video games, technologies or anything of the like. This I figure would be something more rare. Batman Asylum impressions on its way (Cliffnotes, PLAY IT)
  • Finally, I plan on writing something insightful, whether it be a personal experience, or my feelings on news I've read or heard about. I hope to do this once a week to maintain my writing skills.

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