Sunday, July 15, 2012

12 #SundaySupper: Gluten Free Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Hey everyone! I hope you've had a good weekend so far. This week is the first time I'll be participating in the #Sunday Supper group, which is a group of bloggers who share recipes weekly based on a common theme. This month's theme is "Beat the Heat," so I decided to share a gluten free cookie dough ice cream. 

When I was younger, before discovering how sensitive I was to gluten, I loved novelty ice cream. My two favorite recipes in the past were Cookies and Cream and Cookie Dough Ice Cream. Something about the blend of creamy ice cream and sweet cookie dough was just the best combo ever. And don't even get me started on Half Baked Ben & Jerry's. That was the best.

But since I've been gluten free, my ice cream choices have been much lighter and topped more frequently with fresh fruit. But every now and then we all need to indulge, and here's my guilty cold treat. 

Note: There is no egg used in the cookie dough in the recipe. Therefore, no concerns about eating raw egg. Only allergen in this dessert is dairy.

Servings: 6-8 1/2 cup servings
Prep Time: 15 minutes for the dough, 5 minutes for the ice cream
Inactive Prep Time: 25 minutes, then 2 hours

Cookie Dough
1/4 cup butter, room temperature
3 tbsp brown sugar, packed 
3 tbsp granulated sugar
1/4 tsp vanilla
3 tbsp sweet rice flour
3 tbsp tapioca flour
3 tbsp potato starch
1/4 cup semi sweet mini chocolate chips
Ice Cream
1 cup cold milk
3/4 cup granulated sugar
2 tsp vanilla
2 cup heavy cream, cold

Beat the butter, brown, granulated sugar, and vanilla until creamy. Fold in the flours and starch until well combined. Fold in the chocolate chips. Wrap the cookie dough and place it in the refrigerator.

For the ice cream, whisk the milk, sugar, and vanilla until the sugar has dissolved. Whisk in the heavy cream until combined. Pour the cream into the ice cream machine, and churn for about 20 minutes. 

After 20 minutes, remove the dough from the refrigerator. Using a spoon, scoop the dough into the ice cream as it is churning, adding teaspoon sized amounts at a time. Churn for an additional 5 minutes. Transfer the ice cream to an air tight container, and then place in the freezer for 2 hours before serving.


  1. Nice ! Cookie dough is a fav and doesn't usually come GF! Great that you used raw ingredients instead of GF flour ! I have a GF page with recipes ( for my GF clients ) and I would like to link this up if it's Ok with you. It will link directly to yr blog.Let me know.Posting link to see how it links etc

    1. Meant posting link so you can see how it links etc!

    2. Awesome! Yes, please feel free to link it in!

    3. Awesome, thank you! I love a lot of the links you have posted there!

  2. This looks amazing! So glad you have joined our #SundaySupper group and look forward to your amazing recipes

  3. This is terrific! Love the cookie dough flavor! Thanks or sharing. Don't forget to put the #SundaySupper hashtag on your post & tweets. Happy Sun.!

    1. Awesome, I put the sundaysupper in my tweet, and I've changed the title now too. Happy sunday to you too!

  4. Great GF idea! The dough looks wonderful, I want to try them as cookies, I guess I can use the same recipe, right? Welcome to the group!

    1. You definitely could, although without the baking soda or eggs you would normally add to chocolate chip cookies, baking this dough would probably result in a texture more comparable to sugar cookies with chocolate chips inside.

  5. You know what? I tried to make this gluten free cookie dough ice cream 2 times before (finally) successfully pleased my family.
    But it is worth the hard work. LOL.
    And we'd like to invite you to submit your food photos on a Food Photography site so our readers can enjoy your creations.
    It is absolutely free and fun to make others hungry!

    1. Wonderful! I'm glad that it worked out and you enjoyed it. Awesome! I'll definitely submit photos to your site!