Sunday, October 23, 2011

4 Pumpkin Party Blog Hop!

I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far! Earlier this month, as mentioned in this post, I was inspired by others in the blogging community to host a pumpkin party this week. My hope is that this will be a wonderful opportunity for bloggers to share their favorite pumpkin recipes with each other through Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. I hope everyone enjoys the pumpkin party, running from today until the end of the month!

Please feel free to join! To do so:

  • Add your recipe to the blog hop below.
  • Please link back any pumpkin recipe to this post so all your readers can easily see everyone's pumpkin recipes!
  • If you use twitter, feel free to share using the #pumpkinparty hash tag.
Thanks for joining, and feel free to share the event!


  1. Can't get the linky to work. Tried yesterday and again this morning. It won't let me even pull up my photo for the thumbnail. Wondering if others are having trouble.

  2. For the adding photo for thumbnail, are you choosing from web or from file? If you have continued problems, send me the http address, recipe title, and photo you want linked and I'll add them in.

    Same for anyone else who may experience problems with the linky.

  3. Love this! I finally got my recipe posted today but it looks like the "linky list is now closed." Here's my post, and I'll keep the link up to this post. Happy Halloween!