Thursday, June 18, 2009

0 Geek out time

To those who are not as nerdy as I, E3 is a video game/technology expo held in the beginning of June which is the time major publishers unleash their secrets to get a share of the market. These are the titles I'm looking forward to purchasing when they eventually come out... (Image credits to

1. Legend of Zelda Wii

Above is the game I'm probably most excited about. Nintendo has released the above image to prevent fanboys from throwing their Wiis out the window in the event of no tangible Zelda news. The main rumors are the girl (which looks an awful lot like the master sword) is going to be the Master Sword, if not some form of a weapon. I'm personally hoping (and predicting) she'll end up being able to turn into a variety of things, such as a sword or's hoping to creativity. Another bonus is that LoZ Wii will use the Motion Control + (more on that later).

2. Metroid: Other M

This gem right here was a complete surprise, as there was no indication that Nintendo would reveal such a thing. This is another entry in the Metroid series, and from the looks of it will be quite a mature adventure and potentially something amazing.

3. Super Mario Galaxy 2

The next entry in Super Mario Galaxy, should be just as good if not better than the first. Biggest addition revealed so far, playing with this guy:

4. New Super Mario Bros Wii

Another Mario title, only this is like the originals, with multiplayer. Seems to be promising. More new costumes, more insanity, and hopefully more fun.

There's my geek out moment, I'd throw a BSG timeline theory up here, but way too many ppl haven't seen 4.5 yet. (woot to it coming out in a month and to The Plan in the fall!)

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