Sunday, January 6, 2013

0 #Leeklove Bloghop

Hi everyone! It's the first weekend of the month and time for our #Foodlove blog hop! For those who haven't heard of it, every month a group of bloggers come together to post recipes set to a theme we decide ahead of time. We then launch a month of themed recipes with posts we host the first weekend of the month. This month, our theme is leek, so be sure to check #leeklove on Twitter and Google+ for all of the great recipes! If you'd like to participate, contact me through the Contact page on my blog, or on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+!
This month, our hosts for #Leeklove:
Susan | Girl in the Little Red Kitchen | @littleredkitchn
Deanna | Teaspoon of Spice | @tspcurry
T.R. | No One Likes Crumbley Cookies| @TRCrumbley

Check out my Leek and Pork Gluten Free Ravioli recipe here!

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