Sunday, June 5, 2011

0 Backyard Garden: Part 3

It is amazing how fast our garden has grown, and how many lessons we've learned so far. It surprises me how plants can grow so fast from seed to jungle in the course of just a few months. In early March we planted seeds indoors, which you can read more about in this post. After the seedlings grew a bit more and the last frost ended, we decided to move them out into the backyard.

Beautiful little pepper plants
The squirrels really loved these...

The squash as of May 8...

About two weeks after we planted them in the backyard, the plants were already starting to explode in size, best reflected in the squash. One thing I was concerned about with the squash was the possibility of overcrowding, but halfway through May I figured my worries would end up being waisted.

...And by the end of May overcrowding was a HUGE problem. Thanks to the squash. Beautiful squash, but monstrous and huge plants. Needless to say we ended up placing the squash way to close together. After getting this far into the backyard garden my largest advice to those starting a garden is make sure that you give plants plenty of room. This especially applies to wide plants such as squash. We don't even have any produce yet and we already had overcrowding.

Because of this, one of my roommates thinned out some of the smaller plants this weekend in order to reduce the crowding and give all the vegetables a chance. 

We've had beans already this season, I'm excited to see what we get next!

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